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**Please use the descriptions below, E-MAIL JOHN AT [email protected] with special orders and questions!!!

Thank You for your continued trust in The Original Billy Phillips Lures!


Billy's first handmade lure was the "Double Whammy" pictured to the left.

He made this lure in the early 1950's. Even to this day it is a huge favorite

of many anglers across the country. It comes is 3 sizes 3/8, 1/4 & 1/8 oz. for just about any type of fishing condition. Crappie and Bass alike can't stand for one of these small in-line spinners come by without hitting it. Used by many for effectively fishing grass beds, reeds and timber. Don't let the small frames fool ya, these are very productive lures and can be easily



The Famous "Little Jewel" spinner bait is the slowest retrieviable spinner on the market. They can be retieved by most any reel on the market today( even right down to the slowest of ratio's). Billy designed this lure to be a shallow water stealth lure,it is to this day!The Little Jewel will make even the stubborn bass want to hit it just out of pure aggrivation. Through out it's life span of almost 50 years, it is still by far the go to lure for fisherman across the country for year round excitement. It comes in a varity of skirt colors and three blade options for best performance. Except no imatations it has to be a Billy Phillips Little Jewel. Still handmade since 1967 in Jackson, Tennessee. *Aproximate weight of lure is 1/4oz.   


The Tandem Little Jewel has all the characteristics of the one above, except with tandem blades for a bit more flash and thump! It comes in three blade choices and over 12 color options. These Little Jewels are by far another great go to lure when your fishing for good limits of keeper bass. *Approximate weight is 5/16oz.


The Short-Arm Buzz Jewel is a short version of the large 1/2oz. Legendary Buzz Jewel. It comes with a small turbo prop Billy designed just for his baits in the very early 70's. This buzz bait will plane to surface very quickly upon the start of retrieval. It's known for it's slow retrieval as well, it's all metal design helps make it very dependable when it comes to fish catching. It like all of our little jewel lures can come in over 12 colors. With choice of either turbo props in Gold, Nickel, Copper or Black or the Delta Aluminum Props in Gold, Black, Nickel(Aluminum), Chartreuse and White. *Average lure weight is 5/16 oz., depending on prop.


The Legendary Buzz Jewel, made of all metal frame. It has the large Turbo BP designed prop for that extra slow retrieval, very fast to rise to the surface on plane. It comes in over 12 colors and one type of prop in Gold, Nickel, Copper and Black Nickel. This is a great top water bait to have on board for your fishing trip. Comes thru grass good with the rod tip high, not many will believe it until they see it in action.The Bass can't stand that slow plop-plop sound and shimmy action. It carries a weld warranty like all our welded lures do. *Aproximate weight is 1/2oz.


A true Classic Lure!!! The "Tennessee Thrasher" is what it was called when Billy used it along with the Little Jewel and Go-Go Girl to place 4th in the 1976 Bass Masters Classic on Lake Guntersville. This is a very unique buzz bait as well, it has a limited split wing style prop that gives off bubbles, water spray and erratic shimmy action as it comes thru the water. Planes very quickly and has a slow to moderate retrieval rate. It comes in over 12 colors and props come in Silver, Black and Rose Color. *Approximate weight is 1/4 oz.


The "Tiny Buzz Jewel" is what they call it. But for it's light weight it packs a punch on the fish. It comes with all metal frame work and aluminmu props with or without clacker blade. Props come in Aluminum,Gold, Black, and White colors. These are a favorite top water by many of the fisherman across the country, a must have during the willow fly hatch. *Approximate weight is 3/16oz.


Pictured is a "PH" model Little Jewel, the painted head models are new on the market for 2016. The paint is a baked on powder paint just as most all your lures are these days. We offer about 8 popular colors, White, Pearl Pepper, White Pearl, Black, Blue Saphire,Red, Orange(UT Color),Chrome, Chartreuse Green, Chartreuse Yellow, Water Melon Red and Smoke(Greyish Black). Painted head models also come with weld warranty. Paint can't be warranteed due to nature of use.


The "Sweet-Sue" jig has a spinner blade that is very weedless. Billy named this lure after his loving wife Sue. He said it was a "sweet" lure to have on hand to get thru heavy cover after those stubborn bass. So as it goes Sue wanted a lure named after her and this was the result, known by many local fisherman as one Billy's finest lures. This lure will cath'em when nothing else will, especially in heavy cover.They come in 3 sizes, 1/4,3/8 & 1/2 oz. with an inline spinner shaft, sporting three 1/4" plastic beads and a colorado spinner blade. Blades come in Gold or Nickel(Smooth or Hammered), Fire Tiger Yellow or Fire Tiger Orange, Copper and plain Brass. Comes also in most all of our skirt colors. 



Back by Fishermen Demand

the compact 3/8oz. Go-Go-Girl.

If you haven't tried one of these

then your missing out on one of

the very best spinner baits on the

market. See products page for


BIg Sandy Shaker.......Is an awesome swimming shaker jig. It has a swivel design to keep the bass hooked during the fight and comes in 6 colors. 3 popular weight sizes. This jig has already won many local bass tournaments and triggers strikes when most others want.

The Garry Mason "Legend Series" Spinner Baits are available in these head styles and blade combinations shown below. See the store page for selections and skirt colors.

****Legend Series Shad Heads come in colors shown plus solid color Pearl White(not shown)****

The "Stick'em Buzz Bait" has a unique hinged body that helps keep your catch on during the fight. Available in 1/4 and 3/8 oz sizes. With Aluminum or Gold Plated Props with clacker blades for that great added sound.

WARNING! All our products contain certain chemicals known in the state of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm. These products contain lead and plastics that could cause these issues. All products are intended for fishing purposes only and at no time be used otherwise.